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About Landlord Representation: LANDLORDS AND TENANTS!

Whether you are a landlord, have some additional space to lease to a tenant or are a developer looking for a partner to help you fill up your residential or commercial sites. Let Miami Rent Seekers help you accomplish your mission. We will identify qualified tenants for your property through targeted marketing and help you lease that property.  We will market your property with the same commitment, technology, and process as our properties for sale.  We have teams of specialists that handle your specific niche.  Leasing property is critical to the success of your development or real estate investment. At Miami Rent Seekers we understand the issues that are important to owners of real estate, and bring professional perspective and expertise to the challenging task of maximizing property value and minimizing vacancy ratios. We enhance the value of every investment property we represent by thinking and acting like an owner by our insight, expertise and resources.  We are members of the  National Association of Realtors, Florida Association of Realtors  and the Realtor Associations of Greater Miami and the Beaches.  In addition we are members of Miami's economic development committee; the Beacon Council.

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Our team of associates: The Miami Rent Seekers associates team are focused on their area of specialty (Residential, Commercial, Condominiums and Homes, etc.). This is a tremendous benefit to you during the marketing process and allows each associate to focus on the niche that they handle the best so as to net you the most as quickly as possible. As a landlord's representative, Miami Rent Seekers offers leadership through professional advice based on in-depth market knowledge and years of real estate experience.  We also act as a buffer and provide an equal basis on which tenants and landlords can negotiate and reach a suitable business agreement where everyone is satisfied.

Our landlord representation services: In order to net you the greatest lease revenue possible, it is critical to include a thorough evaluation of market conditions, including tenant relocations, levels of occupancy in a target area, rental rates, proposed development and other real estate trends and then develop a comprehensive positioning and leasing program for each property. This is why we can identify and match potential tenants and launch full comprehensive target marketing programs. After the transactions have been accomplished we can also offer you worry free landlordship by providing you with our property management expertise. We will be able to manage your property and maintain a worry free program for lease renewals when the time is right. Most importantly as a result of our experience with tenant representation; we are able to better understand tenant's needs and thus position properties for lease more effectively. The following are just a few of the services that we offer our landlords:

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Positioning Strategy: We position the product in the marketplace by many mediums; we identify suitable prospects through our extensive marketing and database resources, create customized marketing strategies for each property and manage all of the steps associated with the leasing process.

Developing an aggressive marketing plan

Market Analysis:  A thorough marketing analysis will help us establish a rent, lease structure and expected revenue for your property. Only after a thorough market analysis utilizing the latest information on real estate trends, market research, news, and MLS analysis can we assess the targeted rental rate.  It is also critical to know what other properties are on the market that are competing with our landlord's properties for perspective tenants.

Identifying, matching and negotiating with potential tenants

National and International Exposure: Miami Rent Seekers has a database of tenants locally, from across the country and internationally. The Miami Rent Seekers team focuses on building our database each and every day and all of our representatives have access to the tenants here and across the country to get your property leased faster. In additional, we have established strategic alliances with a multitude of national and international websites and other brokerages to further increase our landlord's properties exposure.

Full Cooperation: Full cooperation in the brokerage community is rare in today’s real estate market. Many of the brokers in the market today do not share fees with other brokers, nor do they take properties to market quickly. At Miami Rent Seekers we cooperate with the entire brokerage community and will take your property to market immediately. Sharing fees with the brokerage community helps us motivate the brokers and in turn will identify perspective tenants quickly.

Target marketing to suitable prospects

High Performance Marketing: When we have been entrusted with an exclusive listing, it is imperative that we hit the market quickly and cast the net across the entire country to net you the most for the property. At Miami Rent Seekers we pride ourselves on our speed to market. Within 5 business days, we guarantee that we will broadcast it to the entire country through at least 5 real estate systems, and our website including having your own web page for your property.  Our goal is to generate excitement for your property and get you rental income as quickly as possible. After the initial launch, we then target potential tenants that have leases expiring or that might have a need for your property.

Internet Marketing: At Miami Rent Seekers our website (miamirentseekers.com), networks and telecommunication systems are designed to automatically market your property to as many potential tenants as possible. Our website is state-of-the-art, giving us the ability to display all the critical information on your property to help tenants move forward quickly and have all of the information necessary to make an offer. Our systems are designed to track all potential tenant interactions so that we can update you during the rental period process.

Post Leasing Services

Miami Rent Seekers has a property management division specializing in the leasing and management of residential homes, town homes and condominiums in the Greater Miami area. In addition to the time-consuming chores of running ads, arranging repairs, verifying credit, collecting rents and evictions; there is the one very important additional factor which must be dealt with--- risk. Our goal is to eliminate all of the hassles and to keep the risk as low as possible.

The key to our success is service and maintaining a solid, ongoing relationship with customers! Let your Miami Rent Seekers Associate structure a customized marketing plan for your property.

Contact your advisor at 305-364-8838 or email us at info@miamirentseekers.com


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