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For some the thought of relocating can be overwhelming and for others a breeze. The fact remains that any relocation means that there is much to be done and considered. Changing postal address, packing up belongins, hiring movers, cleaning up your old residence, transferring or setting up utilities, unpacking and setting up the new home are just a few of the obvious tasks to complete. There are several things one can do to ensure that relocating goes over smoothly.

First of all make a list, or better yet call it a time line. This will give you immediate control of your  move and give you a visual  on not only what needs to be accomplished but also what has already been accomplished.

Research will help greatly. Knowing where you are going and what resources will be there is key. Call the local Chamber of Commerce. Most cities have welcome packets that include necessary phone numbers for utilities, information on housing, population, stores, hospitals, and entertainment.

Next, call a moving company if you would like to have your stuff moved professionally, or if not, they may be able to help you out with moving supplies and packing supplies if you decide to do it yourself.  Be sure to block out dates with your movers well in advance.  In addition if you are moving into a high rise you may find that the building may require movers to register there insurance with the office in addition you will be required to make a move in or an elevator reservation.

You will need to call utilities for both residences. Utilities would include electricity, water, gas, cable and trash. When you do have a new abode you will have to contact the local utility companies for hook up. They will need a date and address to connect services; so be sure to have all the correct information in front of you. As for your current residence; you will need to call to set a date for disconnection.

Next, you will need to go to your local post office to complete a change of address. They have a simple form for you to fill out that will ensure that your mail will be forwarded to your new residence.

After all this is accomplished and the moving day arrives things will start falling into place.

Finally, once you get to your new residence and start unpacking and setting up camp, be sure to take a moment to just breathe. You are almost done now. Go out and meet the neighbors, take a drive around the town and get ready for a new and exciting time in your life.

Your Real Estate Agent will be an excellent source for local information.

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